S26 Toddler Gold 900g

S-26 GOLD TODDLER is a nutritious vanilla milk drink for toddlers one year and older. It is formulated with many important nutrients, including B vitamins, to help support a healthy lifestyle. A serve of S-26 GOLD TODDLER provides 50% of the RDI for added B vitamins plus it also contains a unique fat blend which includes Omega 3 fatty acids. Alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential Omega 3 fatty acid, should be part of your child’s daily diet. S-26 GOLD TODDLER is rich in other important nutrients such as Iron, giving them 50% of the RDI for this mineral with one serve; and Calcium, to help build strong and healthy bones and teeth. S-26 GOLD TODDLER has been specially designed to supplement your child’s diet when intakes of energy and other nutrients may not be adequate.
Plus, it’s sucrose free and contains no artificial colours or preservatives
Contains milk and soy.


Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 17 cm