OGNI Organic Instant Whole Milk Powder 900g

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– Milk from Cows fed on NATURAL PASTURES.

– IFOAM# certified.

– BioGro ORGANIC certified.

– HALAL certified.

– GOOD source of organic milk CALCIUM.

– GOOD SOLUBILITY even in cold water.

Organic milk is collected from certified organic farms free from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Our organic milk is produced from cows fed on clean and natural pastures in New Zealand. Organic milk is a premium New Zealand product and its production is very limited compared to standard milk . Ogni Organic Instant Whole Milk Powder has smooth full cream milky taste and contains  essential vitamins and minerals. It is excellent nutrient and energy source. Other than drinking this delicious made up organic milk .Ogni Organic Instant Whole Milk Powder is also ideal in cooking and baking.

This product is not suitable as a complete milk food for children under the age of two years.