Lipid Pro Milk Powder 900g (Australia) Naturally Lowers Cholesterol WHEALTHY



LIPID PRO™ milk powder helps naturally lower cholesterol and also provides a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the body. The ‘Whealthy’ brand has a vision of “Your health is your wealth”. Your health is an investment, not an expense. High cholesterol is linked to many diseases, including heart disease. Those with high cholesterol are also at risk of strokes. Lipid Pro has Lutein to help support eye health, Inulin and GOS to help support prebiotics in the body, Phytosterols to help lower bad cholesterol, Phosphatidylserine for brain health and memory, along with a host of other vitamins and minerals. It also contains Calicum, Vitamin D and K2 to help strengthen bones in the body.