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For people with Diabetes

Diabetes can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean your life can’t be fulfilling.

Managing your diabetes is about more than just keeping track of your blood sugar. As with lots of things, your diet plays a key role in maximising your health.

Nutritious eating takes time, effort, and consistency but you can do it! You can get the most out of your health by making smart, nutritious choices every day.

What would be an ideal nutritional supplement for people living with diabetes? It would be one that tastes great, provides the right nutrients, fits perfectly into your daily routine, and is ready when you are – as a great-tasting nutritional drink.

Our complete and balanced1 Glucerna®  Powder and ready to drink nutritional drinks can be used as a low calorie meal replacement and / or snack.1 They are designed specifically to help you manage your blood glucose levels as part of an overall Diabetes management plan.1,2 Our products contain a unique, slowly digested carbohydrate blend to help minimise glycaemic response.

Did you know our delicious Glucerna®  nutritional drinks:

  • Balanced nutrition1
  • Clinically proven to optimise glycaemic response2
  • Includes low-glycaemic carbohydrates1
  • Support GIT health
  • Lactose and gluten free1
  • Available in vanilla flavour



Glucerna® 400 g [+]



Glucerna® SR 230 ml Tetra Pak [+]


Available Flavours: Vanilla

  • Glucerna® 400 g powder standard dilution is 6 scoops to 200 ml cold water. Mix well.
  • Glucerna® SR 230 ml Tetra Pak is ready to drink.

Caution: For use under medical supervision.