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Ausome Colostrum Milk Powder 450G has higher protein, lower fat and lower sugar

Health Sharing Group Offers – Ausome Colostrum Milk Powder 450G About Health Sharing Group Health Sharing Group Pty Ltd, registered with ASIC in Oct 1989, is a Sydney-based wholesaler devoted to the development and promotion of Australian-made products. HSG’s insistence on creativity and quality has resulted in HSG becoming the fastest-growing player in this industry. For over 20 years, HSG has developed and promoted some very popular healthcare ranges including skincare brands, such as Australia No. 1, Dr Nature, Greenland, Ausome, VMores, VIP, Auhealth, Nature’s King and Three Sisters. In addition, HSG wholesales NZBE Manuka Honey, Cowala, Sasy n Savy and many other Australian-made products. Through the years, due to our efforts and our customers’ support, some products have become well-known both locally and overseas. In return for our customers ongoing support, we promise high quality, low price and our very best service. At the same time, our team is always alert to market trends, developing new products under existing brands to suit particular customer requests. We devote considerable effort and significant proportion of profits to developing new products and brands that are the most up- to-date and suited to changing demographics. Our numerous HSG brands also align with customer requirements for both budget and premium product ranges. Health Sharing Group also deals into: # Health food # Skin Care # Anti-aging Products # Milk formula Products