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Milk powder 58%, Glucose, Colostrum powder(Equiv. Immunoglobulin G 20mg/g) 10% , Emulsifier(Lecithin), Antioxidant(Aascorbic acid), Milk flavor Contains Milk, Lactose and Sugar

Instruction for use

For best results, mix Colostrum Milk Powder with a small amout of liquid or water to make a smooth paste and then gradually add the remaining liquid or water to the mixture while stirring.

For blender mixing , add Colostrum Milk Powder to the desired amount of liquid and softly blend at the lowest speed to minimize foaming.


Added to infant foods : One scoop(5 gram) 1~2 times daily Toddler to 8 years old : 2~4 scoops(10~20 gram) per serving

Adults : 3~5 scoops (15~25 gram) per serving

Please mix with boiled water below 50’C

V-Plus Colostrum Milk Powder may be added directly into prepared foods such as rice, oatmeal, gravy or soup.


Opened can should be covered with overcap and stored in a cool, dry place but not refrigerated. Once opened, use contents within one month. When mixed with prepared foods, use promptly or store appropriately.


Important notice

V-Plus Colostrum Milk Powder is not a balanced diet and should not be used as a food replacement. Infant use only as directed by a physician. Not for intravenous use.


Allergy advice : Contains Milk , Lactose