Mariedent Hair Restore Advanced Stimulating Scalp Lotion 120mL to Stop Hair Fall – Hair Growth Regrowth

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Hair Restore Advanced Stimulating Scalp Lotion is a premium scalp tonic consisting of bioactive Oriental herbal extracts and rosemary essential oil. These Oriental herbs have been used for centuries in Oriental and Ayurvedic medicine tostop hair fall, support healthy hair follicles and stimulate strong beautiful hair growth.

The potent concentration of Oriental herbs and rosemary essential oil within the scalp lotion provides nutrition and promotes better blood circulation directly to hair follicles and the scalp network. This stimulates, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.The product is highly recommended to prevent hair loss and treat thinning hair.

Modern scientific techniques have been used to identify the actions of some of the Oriental herbs within the Hair Restore Advanced Stimulating Scalp Lotion. The studies show that the herbs may promote health hair growth by their actions of DHT lowering, inducing the hair follicle growth phase (anagen), and the regulation of growth factors (IGF- 1 and KGF) in dermal papilla cells.





Considered as one of the strongest blood tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Polygonum Multiforum Root is also the main ingredient in many tonic formulas. The root can help in treating a variety of health conditions associated with aging. Today, Polygonum Multiflorum Root is a common herb prescribed to patients suffering from hair loss. The high antioxidant levels and dihydrotestosterone lowering activity of the root are related to its effectiveness in treating hair loss.

An ancient Ayurvedic herb, Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj) creates balance & harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Because of the soothing properties, it is used to treat multiple ailments in Ayurvedic holistic health system. Eclipta Alba is also considered as an effective herb in rejuvenating the hair & scalp. It reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.


Sophora flavescens root, known as “Ku Shen” which means “bitter root” in Chinese, has been used in Oriental Medicine for centuries to treat a variety of conditions. It is well known in East Asia that Sophora flavescens is beneficial to the hair and scalp. More recently, scientific studies have proven Sophora flavescens’ beneficial effect on hair growth may be mediated through the regulation of growth factors (IGF- 1 and KGF) in dermal papilla cells. In the skin of a human being, dermal papillae are small, nipple- like extensions of the dermis into the epidermis. They provide nourishment to each and every hair follicle and bring oxygen and food to the lower layers of epidermal cells.



Since the ancient times, people have been using herbs and various plants to help with hair loss and stimulate hair growth. One of these plants used in Traditional Chinese medicine is the leaf from the biota tree, which is sometimes also referred to as the Chinese arborvitae tree. The common name ‘arborvitae’ is derived from Latin, literally translated to ‘tree of life’, and is based on an association with the tree’s longevity and evergreen nature in the cold dry climate of northwest China. Some of the larger biota trees planted around Buddhist temples in China are said to be in excess of 1,000 years old.
News of this ancient herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate hair growth is now slowly being spread to Western countries. According to author and nutritionist Phyllis A. Balch in her book “Prescription for Herbal Healing,” Balch describes using both the leaves and seeds of the biota tree in topical treatments and massaging them into the scalp to help thicken hair and promote new hair growth.


Ginseng root is a famous ancient herb used around the world to promote longevity and health. Ginseng is classified as an ‘adaptogen’ which means that it is able to help the body cope and adapt to times of stress, a major cause of hair loss. Though traditional use of ginseng in hair loss has been well documented, it was only recently that the scientific mechanisms of ginseng’s role in hair loss were discovered. Studies conducted in Japan and Korea showed that ginseng may help reduce hair loss by converting the hair follicles from the resting phase (telogen) to the growth phase (anagen), and also by inhibiting the 5α- Reductase enzyme which plays a vital role in the production of dihydrotestoterone (DHT), a key hormone in androgenic alopecia



Rosemary oil has a reputation for stimulating hair growth and has been used for centuries by many cultures for this very purpose. Rosemary oil is distilled from the leaves of the rosemary herb and has a minty- balsamic aroma that is pleasing to most people.
Valerie Ann Worwood, an internationally acknowledged aromatherapist, in her book, “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,” suggests the use of rosemary oil for hair growth. Worwood says that rosemary oil stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels, in turn, stimulating hair follicles into producing new hair growth.



Rice is one of the most common ingredients in beauty & diet regimens of the people of East Asia. We have derived a unique process that isolates the protein from carbohydrate portion of rice to extract Rice Protein, which is a Japanese Oriental beauty secret. Rice Protein gives hair protection from wind, dry air, and sun, strengthening them to fight from the common problems of split ends, breaking, and fall out. The small molecular size of Rice protein enables it to penetrate the hair and expand the hair shift diameter for bouncy, thicker and voluminous hair.

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