Chia Co Australian Grown Chia Seed Black 500g

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hia Co Australian Grown Chia Seed Black 500g

Chia is an ancient seed superfood that has more Omega 3 and Dietary Fibre than any other plant-based food..

It has been left out of the modern diet because it is very hard to grow requiring specific climatic conditions.The Chia Co set up in Kimberley in Western Australia where they believe they can grow the best quality Chia.

Chia can boost the nutrition content in your diet. Chia contains plant based Omega 3 ALA; essential ‘good fat’ that should be consumed every day and dietary fibre that aids the digestive system. Chia is also gluten free. It can be added to many foods to make them more filling and can therefore help with weight loss by curbing your appetite.

Chia can easily be included into your everyday diet. Sprinkle raw on foods as a nutrition booster. Add to breakfast cereals, salads and soups. Or you can mix them with water to form a thick gel and blend into smoothies. Try adding this super-seed to bread and muffin recipes.