Jaan Bo

Jaan Bo turns skin into resilient and wrinkle-free skin by maximizing skin penetration through adding lecithin extracted from soy to nutrients based on Imperial Jade prescriptions enjoyed by the royal family and by breathing in active ingredients of fermented extracts and cultured wild ginseng deep into the skin. Bo is the supreme line of Jaan Cosmetics helping skin to improve into resilient and wrinkle-free skin.

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Bo Multi Care Skin Toner

This solution is a functional oriental medicine based solution allowing you to feel continuous moisture as jade extracts facilitate the circulation of energy, and fermented extracts supply moisture and prevent its evaporation.

Bo Multi Care Emulsion

This emulsion moisturizer containing Korean angelica root, cnidium, morus bark, and ginseng, straightens out the harmony of yin and yang, and smoothes out the skin texture for optimum skin condition.

Bo Multi Care Serum

Containing highly condensed red ginseng extracts, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, prevents roughness and maintains moisture balance.

Bo Multi Care Cream

This medicinal herbal cream rich in lecithin extracted from soy is softly applied and absorbed to strengthen the function of skin barriers and complete the moist vitality and elasticity within the skin.

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Dimensions 17 x 7 x 17 cm